Why Choose Re-Fresh?

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We take pride in writing clean and efficient code to ensure the delivery of optimized websites. Organization and meticulous attention to detail is our specialty.

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Mobile Friendly

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Our websites are built to be mobile responsive. This means that they'll display with legibility on large screens right down to small mobile devices.

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Fast Page Loads

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Long page load times are a hassle for users. That's why we place a large importance on developing fast websites. Re-Fresh utilizes a number of optimization and caching tools to reduce the website file sizes, as well the number of requests required by your browser on each page.

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Does your company website need a "Re-Fresh"?

We can help!

Whether it's performance optimization, search-engine optimization, re-branding or just a website rebuild, we're experienced in tailoring a range of solutions able to fit the unique requirements each project.

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